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Jboss slow startup

My Jboss server hungs when start up.  I checked the log but didn’t find anything wrong.

It took me hours to figure out the root cause: there are too many debug breakpoints which cause slow loading.


Datasource problem in Jboss

My jboss failed to start. there were some error related to datasource in Jboss log.

Normall you see two datasource file under your jboss deplyment folder:   datasourcename.xml and datasourcename.xml.deployed,

but when I check my jboss deployment folder, I found datasourcename.xml and datasourcename.xml.undeployed.

rename that datasourcename.xml.undeployed file to datasourcename.xml.dodeploy will allow jboss to deploy that datasource file.

Ant build fail to run:Specified VM install not found: type Standard VM, name jdk

Right click on an ANT TASK and select Run as -> External Tools Configuration, change the JRE setting to point to the latest one.

jboss7 remote access settings

add this section into standalone.xml


<interface name=”management”>
<inet-address value=”${}”/>
<interface name=”public”>
<inet-address value=”${jboss.bind.address:}”/>
<interface name=”unsecure”>
<inet-address value=”${jboss.bind.address.unsecure:}”/>

enable Jboss server for other computer to access

Interfaces JBoss Application Server binds to


Up to JBoss AS 4.2 the server (HTTP and all services) bound to, meaning to all interfaces on the system. Since too many people have not secured internet facing systems this behaviour has been changed since JBoss AS 4.2.0. The Application Server now only binds to by default. You can use the -b parameter with to either bind to the desired IP or if you want the pre 4.2 behaviour back. Make sure you went through the security guideline point by point since there are at least 5+ ways an unsecured JBoss AS instance can be taken over.


If bound to clients will receive the hostname to connect to RMI. In this case you can set ‘java.rmi.server.hostname=’ to send an IP or different hostname to the client.