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We were ending a conversation programatically, by calling Conversation.endBeforeRedirect(). However, there was no redirect, so the conversation lock wasn’t released.

I changed it to be Conversation.end() and then Conversation.leave(), which causes the conversation to end, release the lock and start a new one. And so far no exceptions 🙂


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it came from Seam documentation

Accessing a Seam conversational component from a Ajax request need to be queued serially because as per the seam documentation ,conversational component dont allow concurrency. If the server component takes a long time to respond and if another request goes in, it throws out the “org.jboss.seam.ConcurrentRequestTimeoutException: Concurrent call to conversation” error. After adding the eventsQueue property to the a4j:support tag it stopped throwing out the Error.

The documentation explanation about the eventsQueue.  “eventsQueue – provide a queue in which events are placed. All events are queued and requests are sent to the server serially. This is useful if the request can to the server can take some time to execute (e.g. heavy computation, retrieving information from a slow source) as the server isn’t flooded.
view plainprint?

<a:support event=”onchange”  eventsQueue=”default” action=”#{longRunningComo}” reRender=”Decoration”
bypassUpdates=”true” ajaxSingle=”true”/>


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