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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Richfaces form validation and rich:messages

1  set attribute globalOnly=true for rich:messages (you will see the error message only in the global box but not in  the textfield box)

2 for each field:  add required=”true” and h:message

<label for=”faceValue”>Face Value:</label>
<h:inputText id=”faceValue” required =”true” value=”#{voucherController.faceValue}”/>
<h:message for=”faceValue” errorClass=”invalid” warnClass=”invalid” required =”true” infoClass=”invalid”></h:message>

3 add server side validation, this error msg will only display in global box

facesMessages.add(“Face value should be equal or greater than buy value”);


form validation error will only display in form fields, server side business check error will only display in global box


maximize window for selenium webdriver

Toolkit toolkit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();

Dimension screenResolution = new Dimension((int) toolkit.getScreenSize().getWidth(), (int) toolkit.getScreenSize().getHeight());