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enable Jboss server for other computer to access

Interfaces JBoss Application Server binds to


Up to JBoss AS 4.2 the server (HTTP and all services) bound to, meaning to all interfaces on the system. Since too many people have not secured internet facing systems this behaviour has been changed since JBoss AS 4.2.0. The Application Server now only binds to by default. You can use the -b parameter with to either bind to the desired IP or if you want the pre 4.2 behaviour back. Make sure you went through the security guideline point by point since there are at least 5+ ways an unsecured JBoss AS instance can be taken over.


If bound to clients will receive the hostname to connect to RMI. In this case you can set ‘java.rmi.server.hostname=’ to send an IP or different hostname to the client.


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